Never Ordinary.

Never Ordinary.

Never Ordinary.

Never Ordinary.

Never Ordinary.

A Global Market Research Agency

Our heroes used to look different.

It is those in the ordinary bucket who are now our heroes. 

The whole world is experiencing the same thing and yet no one is experiencing it in the same way. 

 And that’s ok, because we’ve never thought anyone is just ordinary.

The Mix is a market research agency championing techniques to prove that by listening to people you make good commercial decisions.

We Are



Because when your every move is being watched, and success is determined by the court of public opinion, brands more than ever need to be on the side of consumers.

We help people make positive choices

Choices that are more sustainable, choices that are better for their wellbeing, choices that are positive for their families, choices that solve real problems.

We have removed everything unnecessary.

And left only things which will help you in the pursuit of experiencing and understanding people and getting that knowledge into your business fast.

We won't do this:

No focus groups

No 200 page Powerpoint decks

No endless jargon

We will do this:

Interactive team immersions

Bitesize reports to help build knowledge fast

Team podcasts and microsites for fast, global learnings


THE RISE OF SIDE HUSTLE CULTURE IN THE UK - Side Hustlers make up a gigantic portion of the country, so we’ve embarked on a journey to understand what side hustles are, how they affect the people that do them, and why big brands need to sit up and listen.

Through speaking to hundreds of Side Hustlers across the country, and building relationships with 24 incredible Side Hustlers, we believe this underground seismic shift is going to hugely impact the way that a quarter of the population interact with your business and brand.

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We don't work fridays.

Working a four-day week for the last three years has seen our turnover soar by 57%, our client list double, and our staff sickness reduced by 75%.

But they're just some of the numbers.

Download the report and see for yourself.

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