We used to live in a different world. Where different things were important.

A world where our heroes were influencers, and people were concerned about whether a person had 500,000 followers on Instagram or not.

A world where if you weren’t a snowflake or a millennial were you even really a person? 

This was a place that sought out the extra-ordinary and labelled ‘ordinary’ real life as dull, and uninteresting.


But shit's got real.

Today having 500,000 followers on Instagram is knocked out the park by key workers stacking shelves, or caring for your relatives whilst juggling home-schooling three kids and a dog.

It is those in the ordinary bucket who are now our heroes.

And all the ‘ordinary’ ways that each one of us lives in this world that is now heroic. The whole world is experiencing the same thing and yet no one is experiencing it in the same way.

And that’s ok, because we’ve never thought anyone is just ordinary.

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