Gordon's - Ultra Low

Brief: What do people want to drink when they aren’t drinking?

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In 2017 Diageo identified an emerging shift in consumers behaviours when it came to alcohol. To understand this better, The Mix were commissioned to explore people’s attitude to moderation and what some of the key tensions around this might be.



We spoke to 30 consumers and identified some really clear opportunities to help them moderate their alcohol intake. For the most part, consumers who were cutting down on alcohol always felt like they were missing out when they made their choice and with people’s lives becoming increasingly complicated and stressful, Diageo had a real opportunity to step in and make this feel better.

Gordon’s Gin


After an initial identification of the opportunity, we then did a further round of concept testing on Gordon’s no alcohol G&T.

This was then launched into market in June 2018, featuring less than 0.5% ABV and 68 calories per serve, the pre-mixed drinks provide a premium low ABV alternative for consumers during those social occasions when they choose not to drink or want to moderate their intake of alcohol.

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