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Brief: How can you get a group of 40+yr old Sony Music executives to understand UK Hip Hop fans with an average age of 17?


The Mix understood that to really get under the skin of a peer leading fan group, we needed them to really collaborate with us. As such, we developed a project whereby we would seek contributors rather than respondents and launch a co-created magazine which would be inspired by their view of the UK Hip Hop scene. We recruited 25 x influencers who worked with us online to help us understand their lives and what was important to them in life. 



Once we had a good base level knowledge they then attended workshops where they helped us develop content for the public facing element of the zine. The final workshop was then a launch party for Pave zine, where we also invited Sony executives to attend and interact with our Pave contributors in a series of immersive experiences designed to help the Sony team really get under the skin of this group.

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Best ever engagement scores for a consumer closeness programme at Sony Music, all the content we produced for Pave is also usable by the Sony team moving forwards to help determine the marketing strategy.

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